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2023 Klung Wilhelmy Science Award for Physics:

The Klung Wilhelmy Science Award is presented each year by the Otto Klung Foundation at Freie Universität Berlin in cooperation with the Dr. Wilhelmy Foundation. It is one of the most generous awards funded by private donors for young scientists in Germany.

The donors want to recognize the outstanding work being done by up-and-coming German researchers in the fields of chemistry and physics, alternating annually between the two scientific disciplines. Five award winners have gone on to later win Nobel Prizes, and others have received important national and international distinctions.

According to the award guidelines, nominees must be considered part of the younger generation of scientists and have made groundbreaking contributions to the field of physics. They also must have German citizenship. There is no restriction on the subject area within physics.

The Award Winner is selected by a permanent committee at the Department of Physics at Freie Universität Berlin, consisting of researchers from all three Berlin universities and non-university research institutions. The selection committee welcomes nominations of candidates worthy of receiving the award. Self-nominations are not accepted.

Proposals with a tabular curriculum vitae and list of publications of the candidates as well as a statement of reasons in English are requested by January 30, 2023 to

Selection Committee, Klung Wilhelmy Science Award
Dept. of Physics, Freie Universität Berlin
Mrs. Schumann-Welde
Arnimallee 14
D-14195 Berlin
Email: annette.schumann-welde@fu-berlin.de