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Award Winner 2019: Titus Neupert

Titus Neupert

Titus Neupert
Image Credit: Anthony Mangham Photography

The Klung Wilhelmy Science Award 2019 (Physics) is awarded to Prof. Dr. Titus Neupert (University of Zurich).

He is honored for his his contributions to the theoretical prediction of novel "topological" phases of matter, in particular fractional Chern insulators and higher-order topological insulators.

Titus Neupert has worked as a professor of theoretical solid state physics at the University of Zurich since 2016. He focusses on topological phases of matter using analytical and numerical methods. He grew up in Dresden, Germany, where he also started studying physics at the Technical University. He completed his studies at the University of Zurich 2009 before becoming a guest researcher at RIKEN in Japan for one year. In 2013, he completed his doctorate at the University of Zurich. He mainly conducted research at Paul Scherrer Institute for his thesis which focused on the realization of fractional quantum Hall phases in lattice models. Titus Neupert then spent three years as a postdoc at the Princeton Center for Theoretical Science, USA, where he analyzed Weyl semimetals and platforms for topological quantum computers in superconductors. Back at the University of Zurich as a professor, he established the working group Condensed Matter Theory and received an ERC Starting Grant in 2017 which supports his research on higher-order topological insulators.

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