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Award Winners in the field of physics since 1973

honored for pioneering contributions to the development of quantum technology platforms based on Rydberg atoms as well as color centers in diamond

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honored for the experimental realization of synthetic gauge fields in optical lattices and their application to quantum simulators of topological phases of matter.

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honored for his contributions to the theoretical prediction of novel "topological" phases of matter, in particular fractional Chern insulators and higher-order topological insulators.

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honored for his studies in the field of biophysics, especially for developing experiments on synthetic evolution and on biophysical applications of thermophoresis.

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honored for his work in computational astrophysics, in particular, on the formation of galaxies and supermassive black holes.

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honored for his observation of superfluidity in ultracold fermionic gases.

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honored for his work on quantum physics of atomic Bose-Einstein condensates in optical lattice potentials, as well as Bose-Einstein condensation of molecular and fermionic quantum gases.

honored for his biophysical research on the adhesion and mechanics of cells.

honored for his work on nonlinear dynamics in low-dimensional electronic systems.

honored for his work in quantum optics, in particular in quantum tomography (complete reconstruction of quantum states) and low-noise measurements using highly squeezed light (quantum-nondemolition).

honored for his work on ultrafast dynamics in molecules and semiconductors.

honored for his work on novel electronic phenomena in semiconductor devices, in which the free movement of electrons is changed by artificial periodic structures (Weiss oscillators).

honored for his work on quantum field theory.

honored for her studies of magnetism with circularly polarized synchrotron radiation.

honored for his discovery of a new class of superconductors with unprecedented high transition temperatures.

  • Nobel Prize 1987 along with Karl Alex Müller

honored for the discovery of the fractional quantum Hall effect.

  • Nobel Prize 1998 along with Daniel Chee Tsui and Robert B. Laughlin

honored for his contribution to the development of the scanning tunneling microscope.

  • Nobel Prize 1986 along with Heinrich Rohrer

honored for his work on scales and conformal invariance and on the lattice gauge theory.

honored for the construction of the first narrowband tunable dye laser, the development of Doppler-free laser spectroscopy and the invention of laser cooling of atomic gases.

  • Nobel Prize 2005 along with Roy J. Glauber and John Lewis Hall

From 1973 to 1978, the Otto Klung Award for outstanding scientific achievements of doctoral candidates at Freie Universität Berlin in the departments of chemistry and physics was awarded to: Klaus-Peter Dinse (physics 1973), Wolf-Dietrich Hunnius and Rolf Minkwitz (chemistry 1974), Michael Grunze (chemistry 1975), Günther Kerker (physics 1976), Wolfgang Lubitz (chemistry 1977), Andreas Gaupp (physics 1978).